Chris Smeal, Founder of Future Champions Golf has coached 96 players to receive a college golf scholarship. 

Simple Tips and Tricks and Winning Mindset Ideas to help every tournament player. Fits in your back pocket.

"This is Magic Sauce! I shot 68 in my last tournament and I simply read the booklet throughout the round. Thanks Coach! - Happy User

Written by Golf Digest Best Teacher in CA 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

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I guarantee this will help you! I just wrote a game changing Tournament Players Manual... and the FEEDBACK has been Amazing!  

I can't wait to share it with you!  

You can hang it on your golf bag or carry it in your back pocket!

Just $9.99 for PDF Download or $14.99 Hardcopy Mailed to any USA Address

100% Money Back Guarantee – If you don’t feel like the Booklet helped you to think better and score lower in tournaments please let us know.  

“I wrote this short booklet to better assist all competitive golfers with thinking better on the golf course. There is detailed information on how to think, how to prepare, course management tips, scoring ideas, yardage chart, an area to write your swing keys, and so much more. Keep it in your back pocket and access it every shot. I promise you will play better right away using this tool! – Chris Smeal, Founder of Future Champions Golf and author of the FCG Tournament Players Booklet  

This booklet is exactly what my kids need to be accessing during tournament play. After reading this booklet I can now see all the errors my kids have been making and as a team we can start to work on these key areas of becoming a better tournament player. Thanks FCG! – JJ Petchel, Parent of 2 Collegiate Golfers who grew up in FCG System  

“The FCG player tournament manual is a great tool for all levels and ages for players. It is a great check list for players to have before, during, and after the round. Having something visual to read can help make all players feel prepared before going into a tournament. A must have for all players in order to improve their game and have the confidence in being successful on and off the course” – Current Division 1 College Golfer  

The many pieces needed to play good, consistent tournament golf are extremely hard to remember and recall when needed, even for adults and touring professionals. Chris’s tournament players handbook is a perfect summary of all those pieces that would allow a player to be successful. Fully understanding and putting his handbook into practice will be a game-changer for competitive golfers of any skill level. – Chad Moscovic, PGA

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